Museo Municipal de Arte

Municipal Museum of Art

Ángel María de Rosa

Junín, Argentina

Avenida Roque Sáenz Peña 141

B6000FJC Junín, Argentina

+54 2362 44 3047







The Municipal Museum of Art "Angel Maria de Rosa", in Junín, Argentina, is one of the three more important ones of the province in the theme.

It has works of artists of national and international recognized trajectory like Antonio Berni, Hermenegildo Sábat, Sara Facio and Pio Collivadino.  Also it is host of new values of Junín and the region.

Individual and collective exhibitions, local and provincial halls and temporary and permanent exhibitions of its patrimony -conformed by more than 700 works- are made in it.

In addition it has an art specialized  library and a microcinema where also concerts and book presentations are made.


Unofficial page made by Germán Ramos, with the collaboration of Hugo and Gustavo Vaninetti and the museum employees.